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This is the PROVEN STRATEGIES you need to run high converting FACEBOOK ADS without getting banned or restricted As a beginner using  your Smartphone

This system of running FACEBOOK  ADS has helped me to be able to assist several business owners to sell out their product, help my over 150  student to get daily sales and  also helped me establish an information marketing business that’s continually being generating 7 FIGURE for me consistently


Over 7,661 Website Purchase And 10,860+ Initial Checkout On This Dashboard Using This Profitable Method Of Running Facebook Ads

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I can imagine how you've been struggling to get orders in your physical/digital business ​

The kind of frustration that comes struggling to make sales  is not good at all because about few years ago i was in your shoe

As at then all that was in my mind is that people in my village are after my life. 

I ran facebook ads several times and it all seems like the whole thing is not for me, INFACT most of the time i just believe running facebook ads is nothing but a tool created to scam people off their money and that makes me to avoid it then because have wasted a lot of money trying to promote my product without getting GOOD RESULTS  and this made me to try influencer marketing. I started paying social media influencer to post my product on their timeline but its like from jumping from fry pan to fire. 

I will give an influencer money to post my product and instead of getting a potential customer to buy my product, all i get are unserious set of people in my inbox telling me there are interested but they don’t have money now.

This happened not once but several times and i was using different influencer . 

I was only getting BROKE SET OF PEOPLE in my inbox, admiring my product and promising to get it at month end, in which after several FOLLOW-UP, they will end up not buying by bringing up an excuse that the product is expensive and they know somewhere cheaper.

Friend, i just had to stop selling online because the loss am getting is too much for me to cope with.


I started seeing some of my friends using small money to get crazy result on facebook and instagram ads even though i was shocked because i already believe facebook ads is a scam. It was  then i knew there is more to facebook ads that i really need to know. 


How on earth will someone spend as little as 20k on facebook and sold goods worth 2 million naira but i will pay some social media influencer 100k – 200k yet i wont even make half of it ..


This question made me to really DIVE DEEPER into facebook ads by getting various courses i could lay my hands on to study and i started implementing them ruthlessly. This action of mine change my perspective and after all my trial and error, i was able to discover a no-fail method of running a profitable facebook to sell out any product. 

Infact, discovering this made me regret ever giving a penny to influencer then because right now, with this method i could run a profitable facebook and instagram ads with a ridiculously low amount of money and get massive result. 

This method is also what i teach some of my student which has continuosly birth a whole lot of result and taking action to grab this NO-FAIL METHOD simply means you’re also the next in line to start getting a massive result

Just imagine yourself hitting 100’s of sales, setting up a sales goal and hitting it with the scaling method you will learn in this course that automatically means more money for you and with more money, you can definitely live the kind of lifestyle you desire !!!

She used the same proven method to make over 200k with just an ad budget that's not up to 3k

This is What Felix Has To Say Immediately He Gain Access To The Course


Do you currently run a business and you’re looking for a better way to get more customers and make money daily?

Or you are currently running Facebook Ads but you’re not getting the result you want rather than result all you are getting is waste because you felt Mark Zuckerberg is just eating your money?


Then it’s time for you to learn a system that works, a NO-FAIL system that teaches you how to properly  and confidently launch a Profitable FACEBOOK ADS  campaign by leveraging on my time-tested and  proven blueprint to get massive results no matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to

Trying to run a facebook adyourself without getting the required knowledge is like playing with fire!!!

Imagine wasting a whole 10k to run ads and at the end you can only get 4 person. This is a big waste because with 10k, That means the cpc was charged 2500 each. I believe you wouldn't want to pass through such experience and that's why you should take advantage of this opportunity am about to offer you.
Now Stop For A Second...
I know exactly what you're thinking...

Bamidele, i have gotten so many course on facebook ads and yet no meaningful result

Just like every serious business owners out there, in my quest to understand how to run a PROFITABLE FACEBOOK ADS and sell out my product, i have been a victim of several quack courses on facebook and instagram ads.

Infact, this made me to give a so-called guru money to help me run an ads in which i didn’t get the result i wanted.

I understand what it is to bring out money from your pocket to get a course and at the end you couldn’t get value for your money, it’s so frustrating and for that reason i was very conscious enough to have you in mind and ensure this course is being broken down to a beginner level and so straightforward that you will be able to understand and implement immediately.

Even a 12 years old will be able to run ads perfectly if he/she gain access to the course, just for you to know how detailed and explainatory the course is.

But even at that!!!


Listen To What Some Of My Student That Have Taken Advantage Of This Course Have To Say

Who Is This Course Designed For:

What You Will Get :

when you enroll to this course today

Module 1


Module 2

What's the added value pack?

Module 3

What's the added value pack?

Module 4

What's the added value pack?

you will also get access to THESE SPECIAL BONUSES​


These are several high converting headline and sales copy that has been used to generate a whole lot of sales and leads, these copy and headline are specifically combine for you as a template so that you will be able to swipe to your taste and use them to generate more leads and sales for your product, you don’t need to hire a copywriter or start having sleeplessness because of a copy, it’s done for you already.

Worth = NGN 30,000


Apart from having access to a headline and sales copy samples that you can swipe anytime, you will also be given access to a software that will help you generate copy anytime. These is an high-end software that helps you to generate hypnotic copy at the click of a button. 

Worth = NGN 25,000

Facebook Anti-Hacking Blueprint

These is a Black-hat Training where you get to learn how to get back any hacked facebook account; with this training,you will no longer be afraid of getting hacked because you already know what it takes to get back your account but we will not be responsible if you decided to use this training in the wrong way by hacking other people’s facebook account (We won’t be responsible for that).

No-one will give you access to a blueprint like this because its meant to be a secret info but you’re getting it as a bonus right now!!

Worth = NGN 10,000

The No-Fail Ad Account Protector Formula​

One of the issue several advertiser are facing is facebook ban and this is because most of the time they don’t know what to do in order to protect their account from roaming facebook bot. I have decided to put an end to this by sharing my NO-FAIL AD ACCOUNT FORMULA.These are the proven step you need to do in order to escape the Facebook algorithm from banning your account. Deep secret and tricks that has been used to protect a lot of account from being banned will be shown to you in this blueprint

Worth = NGN 20,000


it’s normal for you to have question because you may encounter one or two challenges as a beginner but most course creators are fond of  turning the questions down making you look foolish and feeling frustrated over the course but am ready to change that nonsense behaviour in the market place by creating a fully attended support group where you can drop all your questions no matter what it is any day, anytime, I will personally reply to them the moment I see it.

Worth = NGN 35,000


These is another challenges a lot of people face with facebook ads, they got stucked immediately facebook restrict their account because they don’t know the next thing to do but guess what!! I got the solution, i will give you access to my proven ad account recovery formula that you can use to get back any ad account, no matter the years it has been restricted 

Worth = NGN 15,000

Total Value = #135,000

NORMAL PRICE = #50,000




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One of my student use this training to register her business and have started using it to earn money

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What's the added value pack?

A detailed training on how to design simple graphics such as flyers, book cover, business card and co on your phone, this training worth 35k because its a full graphics training for business owners but you’re getting for FREE

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What's the added value pack?

A detailed training on how to put your business on google so that when people search for your product, they can always see your name, this training worth 15k but you’re getting it for FREE

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