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There are 3 wonderful Options here and I would like to explain each one to you.

The first is our MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: This is where we get to teach you everything you need about how you can get started running Quality lead generation ads that will convert massively on your own without the help of anyone using your smartphone. YOU WILL GAIN ACCESS TO OUR FULL SUPPORT and MENTORSHIP including everything you need to be able to generate quality lead that will beg to buy your product. 
The price for this offer is normally 50k because of what we are offering you alongside but for those that can take advantage within this limited period of time then you’re getting it for just 20k..
This comes with a Solid Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to loss.
Check below to see a glimpse of what you’re getting in this mentorship program 

The total of what you’re getting is #483,999 but you can grab it all for #20,000


The second is a DONE FOR YOU PROGRAM: This is where we help you set up your ad; we help you to write your ad copy, ad creative and also help you target Quality audience that will buy your product.
You don’t have to do anything as everything will be done for you by our team of Ad Expert; All you need to do is to sit back and start getting massive sales. 

It will be set up on your ad account so that you can monitor it yourself.

These is the total of what you’re getting below: 

3 Different Ad Campaign will be set up for you, this alone worth 150k.

A done for you ad copy on each ad campaign, this alone worth 350k.

Done for you videos and flyers for your ad creative worth 150k.

We will help you create a special funnel (landing page) in which you can use for your ad to convert massively, this alone worth 200k.

We will help you set the pixel and trace the conversion so that you will be able to know how your ad is performing worth 50k 

The bull eye targeting: The real reason a lot of ads don’t convert is because of wrong targeting; so, what we will help you do is to target your real customer, those people that need your product and will beg to get it using our highly effective laser targeting tools. This alone will increase your sales conversion by 50%. We offer this alone for 120k.

The total amount of services we are offering you worth over #900,000 and on a norms the least i charge my foreign client for this service is $1,000. 

I charge 250,000 to offer it to people here in Nigeria but if you are grabbing this end of the year offer then i am giving you the chance to pay just #100,000 for me to get this done for you. 

This is 💯 Guaranteed as we have been able to do this over and over for our several client with massive result..

 We also accept Instalmental payment, for people that want to pay instalmentally.
With the testimony we have gotten from this service so far; we are so sure your ads will convert massively because it’s professionally targeted according to your customer. 
Ps: This is a one time payment 

She used the same proven method to make over 200k with just an ad budget that's not up to 3k

Done For You Program On Our Ad Account
The Third is Done For You Program On Our Ad Account: This is an hire service, we personally help you run your ads on our own ad account, manage the campaign and ensure you get massive result..  
we help you to write your ad copy, ad creative and also help you target Quality audience that will buy your product everything will be done on our own ad account. 
All you need for this is our SERVICE FEE and your AD BUDGET.
We charge a minimum of 80k per week as service fee and 270k per  month .. 
But If you’re taking advantage of this discount then we can help you for just 200k per month. 
This is 100% GUARANTEED. 

And the least conversion rate you’re having for this is 10%; Most of our client had testify of having much more; you can check the testimonial below.

We will work with your daily budget.
Result Generated by one of my student .

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Ps: This offer is only valid for a limited period of time