Travel Agency Don’t Want You To Know This!

The Easiest And Straight To The Point Method Of Relocating To Canada In 2023

This is the same method that my students use to relocate to canada within few weeks of applying 

If You Are: 

  • Tired of staying in a 3rd world countries where the rate of poverty keep increase like a bees in a swarm
  • Looking for a better place to study comfortably and earn that millions of dollars waiting for you 
  • Tired of staying in a corrupt continent where you won’t be able to achieve your dreams and perspiration . 

Then you need to pay attention to what I am about to reveal to you, because after closing this page. You won’t get this opportunity again!! 

My Story Is So Pathetic

Just like you reading this, i was in my downcasted country living my life; i thought i got a life because back then i was doing a job far below my standard and qualification even though it has become a norm in the african society for you not to get your worth, over-work yourself before you get penny and even suffer for basic amenities the fat bellied corrupt politician refused to provide. 

So, it was normal for me to continue in this unraveling poverty but the truth is I was never content. 

Every night, whenever i sleep; I ask myself just one question and that is…

How Would I Become Successful In This Sub-Standard Society With A  Bended System That Can Never Be Straight?

Then the thought of relocating dawn on me. 

Even though you might have been hearing/reading some ZERO TO HERO stories of people that became successful irrespective of where they came from, the truth you don’t know is that cases like this are always…. 

1 out of 500,000 

Out of 1 successful hero in this environment and location, there are over 500,000 people languishing and crying on the pool of poverty, poor medication and great un-fulfilled dreams. 

The possibility of becoming successful in such an environment is similar to dropping a needle into a river! 

Would it be easy to find? 

I remember an english proverb that said. “Your life is a reflection of your environment”


While planning to relocate; there are just 3 country in my mind that i believe i could easily get in and there are; UK, AUSTRALIA AND CANADA. 

Then i decided to settle for Canada and my first step is opening an express entry profile to get permanent resident but i couldn’t clinch it, infact i applied for a job in canada just to boost my express entry score but i was not successful in this.. 

Then Here Comes An Agent.

During my search, i met an agent that promised heaven and earth; this man promised so much that i almost cursed myself for not meeting him earlier. Seeing his appearance, confidence and promise; i just assumed he is my saviour unknown to me he is fraudster that trick people to pay him for travel related issue and unfortunately for me; i was scammed and i had to go back POINT A, where i am starting from. 

But I Was So Determined 

Then i started making research on my own; that’s when i discover the CANADA JAPA SYSTEM using study routh.

One Of My Student That Applied This Canada Japa System

It took me just few weeks of applying this system to become canadian Residence.. 

And Guess what!! 

I Have decided to show you how it works … 


But before that? 
Why should you go for the study routh?

Here is a testimony of some of my student apply the canada japa system using the study routh

This canadian japa system using the study routh works for all countries.

And here is what you need to know…

  1. The study route is the easiest way to relocate to canada, as it isnt difficultto get admission in most canadaian universities, so far you use the right method, and with the right guidance
  2. The study route is the fastest route with May intake and september intake currently open for 2023, and its also the cheapest because of the availabilty of scholarships, study loans and various financial aid that are easily to get
  3. You can work while studying, and infact, after your study, you will get a Post Graduate Work Permit, which will allow you to live and work in canada after your studies, till you secure your Permananet Residency
  4. People with a HND can easily do a Post Graduate Diploma in Canada
  5. People with a Bachelors Degree can do a Masters Degree in Canada
  6. You can relocate with your family, Your wife and kids can secure a open work/residency visa based on your own visa, which will allow for your whole family to relocate with you through teh study route
  7. There are schlolarship and various finanacial aid available
  8. No Proof of Fund is neeeded